Our class trip to Brighton

On Sunday, the 12th of June, at 6:30 am the classes 7b and 7d met in front of our school to go on a class trip to England. Everyone was tired because it was early in the morning. When both classes were seated the bus left for Brighton at 7 am and we later also took the ferry to get to England.
When we arrived in Brighton we unpacked and went to the beach which was only 5 minutes from the hostel. The colour of the sea was turquoise and really beautiful. It was also fun to see the rollercoaster at Brighton Pier, when it fell down. Afterwards, we went to sleep.

On Monday, we went on a trip to London and the bus parked at the O2-arena in North Greenwich. Then we took the Jubilee line to the Globe Theatre where we had a guided tour. It was really interesting because we learned a lot about London in Shakespeare’s times in general, but also about the Globe Theatre itself. Moreover, it was fun to look at the stage because it was being redecorated for the play Henry VIII while we were there. After a little lunch break, we went to Camden Market by tube where we had some free time and got to look at this colourful part of the city. In the evening, we went to the beach in Brighton again.

The next day we went to Canterbury, where we explored the Cathedral with audio guides and a rally. We mixed the classes and went in small groups. Because of that, we got to know the other pupils better. Then we had some free time and afterwards, we went on a boat tour. It was really relaxing on the river because nature in Canterbury is just beautiful. Because we were back late, we didn’t go to the beach that day.

On Wednesday, we went on another trip to London. First, we took the Jubilee line from the O2 to Westminster and then we had a guided boat tour on the river Thamse. Personally, we liked that tour because we got to see London from a different perspective. After that we had free time for lunch and then we visited the Tower of London. In the Tower, we saw the Crown Jewels, which was really fascinating and unique. Afterwards, we walked through London along the Southbank to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. On our way to Buckingham Palace, we saw some Corgis. Not the real ones, but because of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II there were some statues. Finally, we went to St. James’s Park, Horse Guard’s Parade and No. 10 Downing Street. Then we took the tube back to the bus but because of an earlier problem it was so full that we had to go in little groups. In the evening, we packed our suitcases.


On our last day, we stayed in Brighton. We walked to the Theatre Royal where we started a rally in small groups. We came along the Royal Pavillion, the Pier and Brighton 360 Degrees where we met the class. Afterwards, we had some free time and bought food for our picnic at the beach. It was a great ending to our class trip because you could relax at the beach and look at the sea. Then, we drove back to Germany and arrived in Bensberg at 7:15 am the next day.

All in all, we enjoyed our class trip because we got to see places where we had never been before and we did something different every day so it never got boring. Moreover, it is really fun to travel with our classmates and it was a great ending to our seventh grade.

Text: Mila Sedlaczek and Ferdinand Harmann

Fotos by Sabine Weitzel and Katrin Weller

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