Irish reinforcement

Rebecca Richardson is 23 years old and comes from Northern Ireland. She is at our school as a foreign language assistant and will stay until February 2023.

But first, let’s find out a little more about her. Rebecca was born in a little town in Northern Ireland called Dungannon. She is an only child and has no pets because of her allergies. She studied at Durham University in England and graduated in June this year. Not only can she speak English, but she also studied Spanish.

But why did she decide to come to Germany as a foreign language assistant? At university, Rebecca also learned a little bit of German, so to improve her language skills she decided to come to Germany. “I also really enjoyed teaching English at summer camps in Bavaria”, Rebecca said. As a result she wanted to continue teaching English in German schools and improve her German along the way.

There are many differences between German and Irish schools. In Northern Ireland the teachers have classrooms whilst the students don’t. That’s very unusual for us! Each period lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and after every class the students switch rooms. It must have been very confusing for Rebecca when she first came to our school!

Now for some general facts about her. Her favourite German food is “Käsespätzle”, and she also loves German bread. Mmmh delicious! Her favourite food from home is “Irish stew”, she misses it a lot here. She likes doing yoga and hiking, and her favourite sport is Hurling, which is an Irish sport.

Hopefully she will enjoy her time as an English Language Assistant in our school!

Michelle Höller (8b)

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