Students welcome Marianne Faust as new foreign language assistant

There has been a lot of excitement regarding our newest addition to the school. The foreign language assistant Marianne Faust arrived here on the 29th of August and has been taking part in the school curriculum ever since. She accompanies teachers and supports their lessons by offering language advice on things like correct pronunciation and proper grammar.

Due to having grown up bilingual with French and English in Ireland and always having had a gift for learning languages, she has gone on to learn German, Italian and Gaelic. In fact, she even said: “Languages are what I’m good at, not Math.”

The 21-year-old is quite musically talented. She has been playing cello and piano since she was 6 years old. A few of her favourite composers include Beethoven, Franz Liszt and John Field, an Irish pianist. Although she loves classical music, more modern artists like Bob Dylan or the Lumineers also hold her interest. Another hobby of Marianne’s is reading, with her favourite book being “Pride and Prejudice”, her favourite author subsequently being Jane Austen. Her favourite snack is chocolate, and her best loved meal is curry with rice.

When asked about her family, she mentioned having one younger sister and two older brothers. Her father is originally from Paris and her mother is from Louth, which is a county in Ireland. After learning German in secondary school, she went on to learn Italian in University. Being born in Dublin she stayed there and went to University College Dublin where she earned a bachelor’s degree in German as well as Italian. “The special thing about Dublin is”, she said,”that it is next to the mountains and the sea.” Following her graduation, she decided to come to Germany to gather experience in speaking and to become acquainted with German culture.

She says this trip has helped her dispel a lot of negative stereotypes about Germans, like that “all Germans are very rigid” or that “all Germans speak very angrily and harshly”.

As her dream is either to become a German and French teacher back in Ireland or to be a translator, she finds it very frustrating when she is “scratching her head” because she has forgotten a word in all five languages she speaks.

Ronja Kaleja (9d)