„Elterntauschzentrale“ – A Stunning Perfomance













„Die Elterntauschzentrale – the success of the year

On Friday the drama club of the AMG performed the play “Die Elterntauschzentrale” in the main hall. Translated this means “Parentsreplacementcenter”.

The play was a real success! For their hard work, the actors received a very, very, very big applause.

My favorite scenes were the ones with the “cool” parents played by Janek and Mustafa and the one with Arianna as Eduard von Wesenstein. Janek’s costume with the wig and the soccer jersey was my favorite costume.

All the students acted well and everyone looked pretty good in their costumes.Well done, drama club!!

See you soon.

Philipp D., 6d


„Die Elterntauschzentrale“

On Friday, at noon, the theatre club performed a fantastic play, called “Die Elterntauschzentrale”, in the main hall of the AMG.

They were really great! Some kids played children and others parents. They all had funny costumes and very different personalities. The stage was designed very beautifully.

The audience was fascinated and the theatre club received never-ending applause!

I loved this play because it was so funny. It was the perfect start into the weekend – a real success!

Thank you and well done!

Elena Münzinger, 6d

Theatre club – a real success

On Friday, 6th graders from the theatre club – managed by Ms Stubbe – performed a fantastic German play called “Die Elterntauschzentrale”.

It was really funny because the kids want to change their parents and then they were very unhappy with their new parents.

They performed their play at 12 o’clock in the AMG assembly hall.

The girls and boys looked brilliant on stage and the “Elterntauschzentrale” was excellent! In the end, they received the biggest applause.

Thanks to everyone who made the play so fantastic and well-done: The play was magnificent!

Elisa Sedlmayr, 6d

 „Die Elterntauschzentrale“ – the perfect theatre play

On Friday, May 5, at 12 o’clock many pupils from 6th grade took part in “Die Elterntauschzentrale”, a German theatre play that was performed in the assembly hall of the AMG.

It was a funny play. You’re wondering what the play was about? Okay, I can tell you:

First, all the children presented themselves. Then they called the ETZ and asked when they could get new parents. All of them were very excited and as soon as they got to their new homes, they liked it. But after some time, they hated it and everyone missed their old families. So, they called the ETZ again and asked whether they could go back to their old parents. When they told them that they could go back to their old parents, they were very delighted.

No wonder that they got never-ending applause! Well done, everyone! I found the theatre play very cool and it was great fun! A real success!

Lea-Carlotta, 6d